U. G. from Franc

Hello Mr Anders

Yesterday afternoon I went on a small 120km tour with my new SUNAX built-in visor. It’s simply great! My eyes were very relaxed during the entire trip. The glare protection was excellent.

I definitely recommend the motorcycle helmet visor! It’s a great product!:) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 Greetings from sunny France ...;) 😉 😉 😉

V: from Belgium


Helmet: NAU

Model: N20 Poison

SUNAX = Excellent product!!!! 🙂

Pavel E from Russia,

Hello Ralf!

I’m just back from vacation and didn’t forget to take some pictures of my motorbike helmet.

What can I say about SUNAX? It did not spoil the vision, and helps a lot in sunny days. I don’t have to change motorcycle helmet visors anymore.

The only thing which could make this product better is some sticky membrane on SUNAX as it will make attaching it to the helmet much easier (when I attached mine it was marked with my fingers)but in overall, great. I love it and my friends feel the same.

Klaus-D. M from the Netherlands


I’ve been riding with the Classic Darkspeed for a few years and I’m completely satisfied!!! Now I’m thinking of a replacement …

About the BX: is it just a different tint?

Thanks for your info!

Allessandro from Italy

Hi Ralf,

The product arrived today in the morning....

Thank you for the great communication and excellent product.

Koen D., Belgium


I just wrote a blog post about your motorcycle helmet visor: http://urlzap.net/pw

(Note from SUNAX: Note the disclaimer!)

Feel free to reference it in your commercial material.

Full resolution pictures can be found here: http://www.flickr.com/search/?q=sunax&w=60857066@N00


William C. from France

"A nod is as good as a wink - but this could save your life"

William C. from France

Quote from a very satisfied customer

Helmut Im from Australia

Helmet: Shoei z-one Helmut´s Blog on Chromeheads BMW Cruiser Forum:

I recently bought myself a new Shoei XR 1100 motorbike helmet and then added two fantastic products:

1. The Pinlock anti-fog screen: http://www.pinlockusa.net/

2. The SUNAX sunshield: http://www.sunax.de/de/

Firstly, the Shoei is an excellent helmet; a perfect fit for me and everything works really well. It has great airflow and the visor seals perfectly.

Today I went for a 250km ride to test all three products. The weather was cool and rainy with the occasional ray of sunshine glaring through the clouds.

I had the motorcycle helmet visor completely closed and there was never even a hint of it fogging up. I had a perfectly clear view at all times.

The SUNAX sunshield also worked perfectly; completely removing the glare when the sun came out. The sunshield is above eye level so the normal view is below it. When the sun is very low in the sky, I tilt my head slightly forward to screen it with the sunshield, which is easy to see through- just like a good pair of sunglasses.

I use RainX on my visor so even when it rains it stays clear. I don't even have to use the wiper on the gloves. I've always enjoyed riding in the rain (as long as it's not too heavy), now I enjoy it even more!

Link: http://www.chromeheads.org/discus/messages/9/448861.html

Randy T. / Olympia, WA

I purchased one of these sun shades direct from Germany. SUNAX was very easy to work with, answered ALL emails promptly and made sure I had the right shield/shade for my Arai helmet.

The shield is a bit hard to install but once done it will not come loose. I just returned from a 5,600 kilometre trip and can say it performed well. Without it, heading west in TX at sunset would have been difficult. The shade never got in the way of putting on my glasses or interfered with any operation of my helmet. I also think it looks good!

Thanks for bringing this product to my attention!

Happy customer

Hello, I tested the SUNAX glare protection visor and I can say there is nothing better. There is no need to use sunglasses anymore and it’s possible to drive through each tunnel and in the low-setting sun. Simply perfect!

Randy T, Olympia, Washington USA

I got my SUNAX visor installed on my motorbike helmet. Picture attached. I’ll be leaving on a 3 week trip tomorrow. Heading south to warmer weather and lots of sun!

Thank you for the great communication when I was ordering your product.

Joey, USA

Here is a picture with the new SUNAX BX installed in my motorbike helmet. Great vision, with perfect placement to defend against the sun!

Helge R., USA

Hello Thanks for this great product!

Here’s some pictures of my BMW system 5 motorbike helmet, fitted with the SUNAX Bx dark.

Best Regards,

Ian M., New South Wales, Australia

Here are some photos of my SUNAX visor insert fitted to my Shoei Multitec flip motorbike helmet. Congratulations on the brilliant service. It took only seven days to receive the product after ordering. Where I live in Central West of New South Wales, Australia, the afternoon sun during late autumn to early spring causes a lot of glare. The SUNAX visor is brilliant and cuts down the glare tremendously without compromising the field of vision. Well done. I highly recommend the product to all riders.

Rob L., UK

Hello SUNAX,
I’m very pleased with your motorcycle helmet visor and as requested here´s a picture fitted to my Arai Condor.


Rob L.

Phillippe F., France

Here are pictures of my motorbike helmet with the SUNAX Bx dark. It´s a very good product!!!


Philippe from France

William from France

This product is cool!

I bought it without really knowing really what it was.

I got home and put it in my motorbike helmet and am more than happy with the result.

I ride to the east in the morning and to the west in the evening and I wear glasses. Thus back and forth against the sun. (South of France = alot of sun! = a real pain in the arse!) I used to always have to have two sets of glasses with me and have to guess which one would be better for the journey.

Now if it’s really sunny then it’s the sunglasses, but often the clear ones. Then should the sun glare then all I have to do is nod my head and everything is good.

In short:

You have a top product,

Have a friendly and competent telephone service

Price, Performance, Quality - Just Perfect.

I hope that you win a "product of the year" award.

There should be a joke here: "a nod is as good as a wink - but this could save your life" but that would be for a UK publicity man.

Still very happy

Ursula S., Lauingen


I’d like to thank you for this super invention. I’ve been using your sunshield for years.

The helmets have changed but the sunshield has stayed the same.

I’ve also recommended this sunshield to my b
iker friends and given them as presents.

I’d never want to do without it!!!”