Fitting Instruction

Fitting Instruction


First Step

Insert a credit card in the gap between the inner lining and outer shell of the motorbike helmet. Pull the card from the right to the left as shown in the picture. This procedure is also how we test the compatibility for the SUNAX Sunshield..


Second Step

Insert the left side of the SUNAX in the gap.


Third Step

Now put the right side in the gap.


Forth Step

Insert until the printed line.


Fifth Step

In your riding position the bottom edge should be placed as shown in the picture. This is the perfect position for a clear view of the road. If there is glare from low setting sun duck your head and look straight through the SUNAX glare protection shield. The visor fits all motorbike helmets with a gap between the inner lining and outer shell.

If uncertain carry out the card test as shown in picture 1.

* We are the only manufacturer of retrofit glare protection for Arai helmets. For further information check out the SUNAX for Arai & Arai Max helmet section on the website.


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