The different tints of SUNAX accommodate the different photo sensitivities of the eyes.

Dark: Eyes don’t react sensitively to sunlight. Rarely need sunglasses.

Silver: Eyes react sensitively to sunlight. Often need sunglasses.

Steel: Eyes react very sensitively to sunlight. Predominantly needs sunglasses. Although it has the strongest filter of light (95% filter of light), this tint ensures a completely clear view and contrasts are amplified

No. SUNAX is made from a makrolone base that is extremely flexible and strong, meaning it won’t break or shatter.

The tint of the motorcycle helmet visor doesn’t have any influence on the installation of SUNAX. No visor provides an effective shield for glare when the sun is low. The tints of visors range from 50%-70%. That’s not good enough when driving towards the sun. When a motorcycle visor is put up, it doesn’t have any effect, yet the SUNAX- sunshield does.

Yes in all tints, signal and warning sign colours remain completely the same. Some colours may be even become more pronounced (i.e. tint “steel” really brightens up yellow)

No. SUNAX is installed once, adjusted and then remains attached to the helmet.

Tinted visor = “day use only”

SUNAX = “24 hour use”

SUNAX visors fit 90% of all helmets without a pivoting sun visor. To check use, a credit card to see if it can fit 1.5 – 2 cm deep in the upper slit of the helmet and that it can be pulled all the way through. If so the SUNAX visor will fit your motorbike helmet. For more information follow the link to products/fitting-instruction.

Nothing. They remain untouched. When SUNAX is fitted into a motorbike helmet approved in accordance with Australian Standards, the approval doesn’t change.

1. SUNAX shields the eyes of the rider when the sun is in a high position through a ‘peaked cap effect’. This means that in any situation the vision of the rider changes from dark to light.

2. When the sun is low, the rider lowers his head by two centimetres and looks directly through the motorcycle helmet visor. In both cases there isn’t any glare or distraction.

Basically like any other motorcycle helmet visor. It’s best to clean the visor with a soft cloth, water and some dishwashing soap. When there are troublesome stains, then soak the visor and wipe it off afterwards. All conventional visor cleaners work as well. Important: Don’t use any solvents or other cleaning agents that contain alcohol.