A Brief Scientific Description

A motorcyclist’s ability to react at high speed or in dangerous situations can be the difference between life and death. When vision is impaired by bright spots or darkness, a rider’s motion and coordination are automatically affected. Human eyes have not evolved to adapt to quick changes between light and dark; they respond very slowly, often too slowly to react and avert dangerous accidents.

Our eyesight only works to its full capacity under average daylight conditions and its effectiveness is greatly reduced as soon as the light is too bright or too dim. Sunglasses, hinged sun visors or tinted visors filter the entire spectrum of incoming light, but in doing so reduce the scope of our vision.

Whenever light conditions are variable or the sun is not at its zenith, this equipment serves as more of a hindrance than a help.

SUNAX anti-dazzle motorcycle helmet visors offer riders a much safer alternative.

Here’s how it works:

When a rider is dazzled by sudden glare the head ducks or turns away suddenly.

The SUNAX sun motorcycle helmet visor capitalises on this reflex reaction so that when riders duck their heads they automatically look through the sun visor.

The SUNAX sun motorcycle helmet visor is strategically positioned at the top of the field of vision, so that it covers the exact area where most of the glare is being directed.

Unlike conventional sun visors, the bottom edge of the SUNAX sun visor is also shaped to eliminate distortion.

In normal daylight conditions, SUNAX sun motorcycle helmet visors put the eyes into semi-shade, reducing distracting light from above and in the periphery.

On shady stretches of road, the rider’s vision is absolutely free and the filter takes away as much glare as is needed to ensure the rider’s eyes stay firmly fixed on the road ahead.

The SUNAX sun motorcycle helmet visor gives you the freedom to take on the open road without the fear of sudden bright spots ruining your ride.

Dr. Gernot Heine


Oncoming light without SUNAX sunshield


The solution: SUNAX sunshield