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SUNAX Philosophy & History

As anyone passionate about their riding knows unpredictable light conditions and sudden bright spots can cause dangerous distractions and lead to serious accidents out on the open road.

The high-tech, ground breaking technology behind SUNAX motorcycle helmet visors helps protect riders from these uncertain conditions. The designers of SUNAX motorcycle helmet visors, Dr Gernot Heine and Dr Jörg Strobel know first-hand both the thrills, but also risks involved every time riders take their bikes out on the road.

Having previously written their doctoral theses in biomechanics and biology, it was on one of their motorcycle tours in the spring of 1999 that they hit upon the idea of a new revolutionary motorbike helmet visor to protect riders from the unpredictable elements they face while pushing their machines to the limit.

The ground breaking SUNAX sun-and anti-glare visor system uses the natural reflex of the human body to shield riders from sudden glare and bright spots. When bright spots hit the visor, the natural reflex of the rider ducking their head, sees the motorcycle helmet visor kick into action.

The brightness is automatically adjusted through the motorbike helmet visor, protecting the rider from sudden glare and a potential accident – giving them a clear view of the road ahead.

The ultra-light, highly effective anti-glare shield is easily inserted in motorcycle helmets and fits an array of different helmet brands and models.